UK Based Nollywood Actress Is Giving Away 1.5 Million To Nigerian Youths! Here Is How To Take Part!

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Her Royal Highness, Queen Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade, a UK based Nollywood actress has a positive message for Nigerian, specifically the young ones aged 18 -25. In the wake of Coronavirus Pandemic across the globe and how Nigerians are amongst the nation who will suffer the most, the actress has decided to give away 1.5 million Naira to ….  Read More

Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Miss-K Overcomes The Odds And Makes History By Launching The Powerful Beauty Konference!

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Despite all the chaos currently taking place in the world, in regards to COVID 19, just before the United Kingdom activated Phase 2, in regards to limiting social gathering, London based Multi-Award Winner, Artist, Fashion SuperModel, Brand Ambassador and Creative Director, Miss-K also known as Karina Theresa Martinez, who was voted 1 of 100 most influential women in the world back in 2019, decided to ….  Read More

Making Documentaries

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Step-By-Step: How To Make a Documentary Making documentaries is one of the most rewarding and challenging endeavors you can be involved in. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey looking for documentary ideas, or you’re in the middle of production seeking videography tips, lighting tips or interviewing tips, or just trying to figure out how to write a script, making ….  Read More